by Nicholas Molik

Director: “Good morning, Sunflower Child Care Center, Michelle speaking. How can I help you?”

Potential Parent: “Good morning, Michelle. My name is Kathy and our family is moving to the area in a few months. We have 6-month-old twins and I’m curious if you have room for them.”

Director: “I think we do, but let me check. This could take me a few minutes, could I call you right back?”

Potential Parent: “Sure, my number is…”

Michelle begins to look for availability for the twins but WHAM! Susan, a teacher in Toddler Room 1, needs a bathroom break and Michelle is the only staff member who is free.

Michelle thinks to herself — ‘Okay, I’ll just quickly help Susan and then hurry back to get an answer to that potential parent before she calls another child care center.’ She gets back to the desk and resumes looking for availability for Kathy’s twins.

No less than 2 minutes later, an infant throws up on one of the teachers in the Infant Room. But the teacher can’t just leave the room to change her clothes as that would put the room out of ratio and compliance. As the director, Michelle now needs to cover her. Only after this issue is resolved canMichelle get back to looking for availability.

But what surprise lurks around the next corner or at the top of the next hour? Will Michelle end up playing traffic cop and substitute forever?

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