By John Miller
The child care center business is constantly changing.  I’m not insinuating that it changes a lot over the span of a few years, I am saying that it changes every minute.  In a child care center, no day is like the next.  When their job is to manage the ever-changing environment and control the chaos of a center, a director can never perfectly plan for the day.  Take my own center for example. My director had not planned on a car driving through the side of our building before we opened on a Wednesday morning, but it happened!  This might seem like an extreme case or an extenuating circumstance but things like this happen all the time; a teacher does a no-call-no-show, five families have scheduled walk-throughs and the phone won’t stop ringing or there’s an emergency at the center.  A director has so many things to manage throughout the day that any helpful tool or process is welcome!

“Who wants to deal with all of that paperwork when a few easily readable and clearly organized screens will do?”

Software is one such tool that can cost little and help a lot.  Managing processes by hand can be cumbersome and costly. A filing system and paper trail leave you vulnerable to lost time, wasted money and insecurity. The right software can eliminate the need for large stores of paper and filing cabinets altogether. Who wants to deal with all of that paperwork when a few easily readable and clearly organized screens will do? Software can also manage staffing and classroom ratios throughout the day.  Take that monkey off your back!  Managing immunizations, expiring medications, lesson plans and daily contact sheets are just a few more responsibilities that when automated properly, are SO much more easily managed with technology.  

There are many software companies that offer single packages (like lesson planning) and others offer a full spectrum of packages to cover everything your center needs.  Integration from one package to another is key to avoid duplicating data and more importantly, it is easier to learn one system than manage 3 or 4 to run your center. MAX is the integrated package that gives you all the tools you need to manage your center. We are committed to offering you the best in technology allowing you to offer your children the more of your time.  Isn’t that the reason you got into this business in the first place?  Spend more time with children, make your parents VERY happy customers and make your life, MUCH easier.  Stop on by and give MAX a try!