By Melissa Fiorenza
Kid stores right now are overflowing with swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreens, fans, floaties, way-too-complicated-sprinkler thingies, and more. You name it, it’s front and center when you walk through the entrance in big, bright, beckoning displays. But what do we really need to spend our cash on? My mom-friends and I put together a list of a few of our favorite products which come in handy when the little ones are al fresco at daycare.
  1. NameBubbles Daycare Sticker Labels To clearly mark which sippy cup, beach towel, sun hat, and sunscreen bottle belongs to your child, get sticker labels from These magical suckers are laundry-safe and dishwasher-safe, and don’ Three years and counting on my son’s gear. (44 labels for $24.98)
  1. Babiators  The best sunglasses for children are ones that provide 100% UV protection. After that, you can’t beat this: free replacements for lost or broken pairs. Babiators, you’re amazing. ($20 – $25, Join their mailing list to snag 15% off your first order!)
  1. Flap Happy Hats With large brims, neck covers, breathable fabric, and UPF 50+ protection, these sun hats come in a variety of colors and patterns, and really do stay on no matter how windy. ($17 – $20)
  1. Stride Rite Water Shoes  Their made2play® line is the way to go—durable, fast drying, machine washable, and a slip resistant sole perfect for slippery playgrounds and water table chaos. ($15 – $30)
  1.  Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen If you turn to Google to discover the safest sunscreen for children, good luck. That’s a rabbit hole I’ve gone down without any real conclusion other than there isn’t one. So my favorite? Babyganics. It offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and tear free, and it’s white at first; I like that because I can see which limbs I haven’t fully slathered up. ($10)
What are some of your go-to products?




Melissa Fiorenza is a writer, author, and ever-worrying mom with two kids in daycare. She has been published in/on Health,, Ladies’ Home Journal, and All You magazine, among others. She currently works full-time at a higher education marketing agency in Troy, New York.